Why Join Disrupted?

You’ve officially crossed over into the world of people choosing to proactively navigate through unplanned change.

What if I told you that the single biggest determinant of your ability to successfully navigate change, is your ability to guide yourself through the process?

It’s not your support system and not your education or training.

If I have learned one thing as someone who has survived multiple major, unplanned changes throughout my life, it is that your life and your resilience are deeply connected to your adaptability.

So, I decided to start my newsletter to help you navigate through unplanned change.

We challenge what it means to be dealt a bad hand and persevere when times are tough, each month covering practical ways to move through change and forward toward goals.

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Above and beyond the ability to make decisions under stress, an individual needing to navigate through unplanned change must be willing to learn. Those who successfully manage themselves through times of great stress know the power of learning from the past while keeping it in perspective. The best strategy for moving through unplanned change is understanding that it is a flexible process. That’s how I’ve made it through multiple major, unplanned changes. All of that is what we will discuss monthly, a breakout to support you with practical advice to help you as you navigate through change.

Our topics span: change, decision-making, mindset, stress, goal setting, action planning, strategy, resources, risk assessments, prioritizing, and more.

If you are tired of trying to go it alone as you move through change, then follow along.

Who Belongs Here:

Everyone who wants to better understand how to navigate major, unplanned change. This includes but isn’t limited to those experiencing job loss, family or personal illness, business closure/financial distress, or challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m here to serve anyone who is struggling with life’s challenges.

So, follow along – let’s work together to ease your burden and get you excited about the possibilities the future holds.

Do your best, and let go of the rest,